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Knight of The World

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PostSubject: Re: NEW CONTEST!!!   Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:28 pm

*Hashy walked over to where the boy and his sister slept and knelt down casting his gaze on them for a time*

Im afraid Ill have to retract my previous claim at your being week and give rebuttal to your own. Its quite clear from this that you used your self as a sacrificial lamb so no harm would come to this girl, your younger sister.

*Hashy stood again and walked a few paces toward Wave then stopped*

Tell me what became of her?

Ah. Before you give answer I owe thee another glance at the tale of a boy brought up in impurity ever on the fringes of his own insanity.

*Hashy's hand raised again and all including himself faded to black. When light returned they appeared to be in a run down building. A car parked nearby visible through a hole which appeared to be used as an entrance to the place held a woman and a small boy clenched tightly in her arms. A man in a dirty shirt seemed to be arguing with another pair of men in cheap looking polyester outfits nearby. One who seemed short and stubby held a thick Cuban cigar in his mouth and puffed on it as he sneered down at the scruffy man infront of him*

"I told you I cant pay you yet! I have been barely able to get money to feed my family, please give me more time!"

Started the scruffy man.

"Ive given you more than enough time and ive warned you of the consequences of disappointing me on many occasions. Its time for you to pay up in kind."

*The man with the Cuban cigar raised his left hand and snapped his fingers. The taller man stepped forward tapping a crowbar in hands then slammed the edge into the back of the scruffy mans leg causing him to crumple down in a heap with a sharp piercing scream.
The child in the woman's arms grasped at the door of the car frantically but to no avail. His father had locked it to make sure his wife and son did not follow. Again and again the scruffy man was smacked, bludgeoned and kicked until he lost consciousness completely. It went on for what seemed like hours and despite the wife's desperate attempt to keep the son from watching and hearing the sound of his fathers brutal torture*

"Im a generous man. Ill give you two days to get me my money or you are going to see what its like when im really angry. And your wife and kid, well they will see to now wont they."

*The man turned and walked slowly past the car turning to look through the window at the child. That face, that sneering face would soon come to be burnt into the boys memory*

Now how about my question?

*The scenery seemed to melt back to what it had been before with Wave and Hashy standing facing on another*

*flicks a little something at Waves head* Hey don't fr get me to Ill cover your head. =P
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Knight of The World

Posts : 813
Join date : 2010-04-16
Age : 31
Location : The Point Where night And Day Meet

PostSubject: Re: NEW CONTEST!!!   Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:36 pm

I think the Zwei curse is mutating. I tried to post that last bit in a new post and it somehow got my other post in there to. o.o
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