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 Short Story: "See"

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Short Story: "See" Empty
PostSubject: Short Story: "See"   Short Story: "See" I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 24, 2010 4:47 pm

This story I wrote as an assignment is so ridiculously short, I can just put it in a post. XD Let me know what ya think.


Jimmy Raven came home from high school one day, set his backpack on the couch and decided to watch some T.V. His father, John Raven came into the room and greeted his son. “How was school, son?” asked John politely. “It was alright, Dad, how was work?” Jimmy answered. “It’s been better, but—” John began to answer, but was interrupted quickly by his wife, Mary Raven. “My God, John, have you seen the news this afternoon?” asked Mary frantically. “No, what’s going on?” John asked, concerned with whatever the news might have been. “Did you see your boss at work today?” asked Mary. “No, why do you ask?” asked John. “She’s been murdered! Someone stabbed her stomach multiple times until she bled to death!” screamed Mary, horrified by what she had to say.

John’s face changed not a bit as he left the room and walked outside. Confused, Mary walked out and confronted her husband. “Did you or did you not see your boss today at work?” Mary asked, suspicious slightly of John. “Darn it, Mary, I didn’t see her!” yelled John angrily as he stormed off. Mary began to cry as her husband walked off into the distance, fuming. Jimmy walked up to his mother and asked, “Mom, there’s nothing in the fridge for dinner, why don’t you go out and get something?” “Alright, that’s a good idea,” Mary said hesitantly, wiping her tears away. Mary walked over to her husband’s car and got into the driver’s seat. She put on her seat-belt and turned on the car. The sun was shining particularly bright that day so Mary decided to put on her sunglasses which were kept in the glove box. Mary reached for the glove box and opened it. Mary found something rather odd. She gave herself a few moments to think, and at once she gasped and ran out of the car.

Curious at what his mother might have found, Jimmy strolled over nonchalantly to the car and looked into the glove box. In it was a thick, black blindfold.
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Short Story: "See"
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