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Astoria Oregon. Hometown of The Goonies, Free Willy and Kindergarden Cop. Oh don't forget The Ring 2.
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Working on getting a Union job on a tug boat working for Tide Water. Money Money Money means Anime Anime Anime. :D That's just the job part. I love playing Halo 3 online. There I'd like to Forge a clan known as The Twilight Knights and the top three leaders of that clan will be the Azure Knights. I'm also an Anime guy. I go up to Seatlle to Sakura -Con every April and collect loads of anime and gaming junk, like statues, manga and anything else you can imagine. I love to cosplay. I have the full outfit for Virgil From Devil May Cry 3. People say I look just like him when I'm dressed up. ^___^ I have the whole outfit for Master Chief. But unfortunetly, the plastic for the armor really sucks. I plan to coat the armor with fiber class some day and put a real visor on the helmet. The visor I have now Sucks ASS! *out of breath. More info later.* Check back later and there will be more. :D
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Fate/Carnival Phantasam
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